The Company

Arox Lubricants Company was incorporated in 1999. Related companies have been incorporated since 1990.

Arox Lubricants Company engages in manufacturing, product development and marketing of lubricants and oil specialties for automotive, industrial and marine applicants. Since its incorporation, it has embraced an attitude of ultimate value, which has earned it a reputation of being a reliable supplier of high quality lubricants and oil specialties.

Arox Lubricants Company continues to be accompanied with a sense of history and tradition, with sound high quality products and uncompromising customer service but combines these qualities with a refreshing approach to future investment and innovation.





Customer Focus and Care


Investing In The Future

Arox Lubricants continues to build in these traditions, establishing long term customer relationships based on trust, quality lubricants and total commitment to customer service.

Trust generated through providing technically sound, value for money lubrication solutions, Quality products which second to none and manufactured to the rigorous quality standards of ISO 9000 with comprehensive customer services which are personal, efficient and technically competent.


The Arox Lubricants investment program takes the company confidently into new millennium with one of the most flexible lubricants manufacturer in the world, combined with a new state of the art laboratory and research centre.

Hundreds of product formulate, in a variety of pack configurations, underscore the company’s position as a full line lubricants supplier. These extensive ranges include of all kinds of automotive, commercial automotive, industrial, metalworking, special synthetic lubricants, specialty greases and multi-purpose degreasers.